Soulebrate Greeting Cards

Through the years I have spent a significant amount of time UnleashColorFlat2in card shops purchasing hundreds of greeting cards, though I have yet to find a card that is courageous enough to address the most personal and the most real of life’s challenges in the most personal and the most real of ways. Some companies have attempted it, but few cards actually contain the raw and vulnerable words that our hearts really need to hear.

There are plenty of funny cards on the shelves, but few that are dedicated to supporting real emotions in life and it sometimes feels like there is a Pretending Hole between us all. In an effort to help fill that hole, I created greeting cards that I believe will open hearts and communicate what people aren’t saying enough or simply can’t find the words to say at all. Cards of courage and hope and new beginnings.

The Soulebrate greeting card line is committed to authentic expression, connecting and celebrating all of life. Its aim is to bring more awareness around feelings and to support others in expressing those feelings by giving voice to what is already written in their hearts.

  • Standard Card Size 5 x 7
  • Printed in USA with Recycled Paper & Soy-Based Ink
  • Accompanied by a colored envelope 
  • Individually wrapped in clear bags
  • All cards have subtle design elements inside

 Soulebrate Praise:

1“Soulebrate cards say what we all want to say and sometimes don’t know hoe to. They give us a beautiful way to voice our feelings.”
~ Marianne Williamson


2“Soulebrate cards reach into the human soul for deep truth and allow that truth to emerge in the form of honest communication, increasing the ability to people to share and connect with others at a higher level. I know that’s why they are extremely popular!”
~ Neale Donald Walsch


9“None of the cards today say anything heart-felt, brave or true…and just as I thought the greeting card industry lost its soul, I found Soulebrate.”
~ Vision Magazine


8“Soulebrate cards capture that elusive emotion and full expression; a true celebration of the soul and reveals who we are on the inside.”
~ Awareness Magazine