Traveling Gift Bags

Earth Friendly Wrappings, Moving from Heart to Heart

Goodbye wrapping paper, hello gift bags!
It’s not just a trend, you know, all this talk of being environmentally conscious — it’s a new way of living. We call them Traveling Gift Bags because they not only simplify the task of gift wrapping with an earth-friendly twist, but also create a unique connection with others as the bag travels from person to person. Each colorful bag is accompanied by an attached gift card that doubles as a log of the bag’s history, as it is reused and passed along.

A casual selection of gift bags made with sturdy 100% cotton, complimentary cord & bead colors with playful tags.

JEWEL COLLECTION:  An upscale selection of gift bags made with shantung silk, silver cord & sterling silver-plated beads with modern silver & white tags.

HOLIDAY COLLECTION:  A festive selection of gift bags made in an variety of styles with holiday flair.

WINE BAGS:  An assorted selection of casual, upscale and holiday gift bags size to fit a standard wine bottle.

Traveling Gift Bags – $9.99 each

  • Sized approximately 9.5 x 10.5 x 2 / Wine bags fit standard wine bottle size.
  • Unique gift tag attached that doubles as history log
  • Made in USA with 100% Natural Fibers (Silk or Cotton)