Connect (Soulcialize)

Our soul wants to connect so that it can experience the feeling of oneness. When we give ourselves permission to fully feel our feelings and then express them from a genuine and loving place, we always create more connection. This is the third part of the sacred formula and can be done naturally through what I call,  Soulcializing.

Soulcializing is the daily practice of intentionally connecting with our selves & others by being present with our feelings and being authentic with our expression. Being mindful of those around us and also mindful of how we are in reaction to them. Checking in with our energy, letting our walls & inner chatter drop and choosing to be present – then making an effort to connect by interacting in a real and comfortable way. Sometimes it’s simply looking at someone and saying hello, smiling, giving a compliment or striking up conversation. It doesn’t really matter what we are doing, but rather who we are being behind the doing.

It’s the kind of thing that happens naturally when we’re in a good mood, except this is different because the connection isn’t happening automatically, it is being created intentionally. Soulcializing is not about being a social person, it’s about being a soulful person. It’s not about being out physically, it’s about being “out” energectically and emotionally. Not having your outside go out, rather having your inside be out.