Express (Soulrender)

It’s one thing to feel your emotions, but an entirely different thing to engage your emotions through expression. We feel our feelings on the inside, and we express them out. Yet this does not necessarily mean expressing with others. It could mean with others, but it could also mean when we’re alone. Or it could be both, in sequence. Many people, however, feel ill-equipped to do either—and so do neither.

We all know how tormenting it can be to hold emotions inside. Whether it’s a feeling of loss and grief rolling through our heart and mind over and over, or a non-stop feeling of anticipation and excitement fluttering in our stomach (the feeling could be negative or positive), that emotion was not meant to sit idle. If we don’t release our feelings through expression, the energy of those feelings will remain trapped in our body.

As we’ve noted, all feeling is energy. That energy that can be sent outside of us or it can swirl around inside of us. The choice is ours.

When deeply held feelings are not released through full but controlled expression, all the energy of those feelings will eventually push its way out of us and, after being pent up inside for so long, can produce what is often referred to as people “blowing up,” or “snapping”—or, if it is a more positive energy, what is often referred to as people being “manic” or “giddily out of control.”

On the other hand, emotional energy that has not been held in, but released soon after a feeling first arises—not as an uncontrolled reaction, but as a response to how you feel inside in a loving way—is another matter. It produces healthy and rewarding results.

Emotions come alive through our acceptance of them. And by acknowledging your feelings through intentional expression you are bringing them out from within and giving them life. You are birthing your feelings.

But it takes courage to intentionally release feelings we’ve been holding in, or even to just express ourselves in an open, unedited way. The kind of courage that arises from a place deeper than the mind. I call this deep level of courageous surrendering, Soulrending.

The opportunity to Soulrender begins as soon as we allow ourselves to notice and acknowledge that we are running from expressing our feelings (of any kind). The process moves forward through our understanding that any struggle and anguish we may be facing around feelings is not a reflection of our personal capability to handle the feelings, but merely a result of the Mind’s resistance to actually expressing them.