What is Soul Courage?

Soul Courage is about meeting your feelings with gentle grace,
expressing them with absolute freedom,
and connecting with total presence.

What this website is all about


This website is all about you.

It’s about what you can do, and how you can do it, to change the way you’re experiencing life by creating  a sense of total aliveness and more “presence” with others.

Here you will find tools for learning, embracing, adopting, and practicing a new way of moving through your days, which I have described as Soul Courage.

I want you—I want people everywhere—to be able to go further than the book itself can take you. I want to create a way for others to experience the kind of shift that I have experienced, and never again have to live a life that is less than what was always intended by Life Itself.

In order for you to better understand exactly what I mean here, let me tell you a bit of my own story. Then you will see how this can all relate to you, and to your story, in a meaningful way.

How it all began

My story probably isn’t that different from yours, other than the details. I struggled, I suffered, I surrendered, I showed up and then I shared.

For me, the journey started after I graduated college. I struggled with trying to find my way in the world and took a variety of jobs, but still felt empty inside and found myself asking, “Is this it? Is this all there is to life?”

I felt like a robot, just reporting to work and collecting my paycheck at the end of each week—there was no sense of purpose in my heart. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference at all and it outright depressed me. It was as if all my dreams of what life was ‘supposed to’ be like, where rudely interrupted with the harsh reality of having to make a living.

Older people would smirk and pour the same needlepoint advice onto me that was passed onto them through generations. “Welcome to the real world!” they’d say. I remember my stomach turning with disappointment and sadness at the thought of living with this mentality. It confused and depressed me because I knew that there was a reason we were all living here together and it couldn’t possibly be just to move meaninglessly through our days with work, eat and sleep.

Then, in 1997, I got a major wake-up call. Seven years of internal suffering had taken me down the dark road of a major eating disorder and severe depression. This had taken its toll on my body and my spirit so deeply that my life was put at risk. After a two month hospitalization, I surrendered and chose to alter the course of my path, recovering from both conditions. During my initial recovery I was in such a raw state that I felt emotions in a way I had never before. Then something bizarre happened: I looked around and noticed that people everywhere were doing what I had been doing for years; numbing their feelings out. Whether is through with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, you name it—people were hiding from feeling their feelings.

Sure, people everywhere were wearing their pink Breast Cancer Awareness pins and running the Aids race, or walking for MS or “doing” something, but seldom did I see people actually reaching out to others, calling, hugging, sending cards, opening their hearts up and really “being” there for each other. It felt like we were dancing around the ‘real life’ stuff and just doing what we could to get by. Almost like we were a world running on idealism fuel, but the heart of our engines were barely lubed up.

We were forgetting the good old-fashioned stuff: Soul to Soul connection. Somewhere along the way we started thinking more and feeling less. Somewhere along the way…we abandoned a portion of our true selves.

This inspired me to show up and restore my love for life and my Self. I realized that we already had enough weird, numb and standoff-ish in the world—and what we needed was a little more raw, open and vulnerable. A little more love. Suddenly I felt a strong commitment to help others find freedom through voicing their heart; something that I didn’t have the courage to do years ago.

I started trying out theory verbally, at first, and just began to look others in the eyes and fully express myself with love, whether it was a joyful expression or a painful one. I noticed how powerfully healing the response was to both the recipients’ heart and mine, which inspired my soul in a way I had never felt. Then I started releasing some of my emotions by writing in my journal, as a way to heal personal moments and those I witnessed of others. I originally painted watercolors around my favorite verses and eventually taught myself graphic design to express the colors and shapes of my feelings. Then I did one of the scariest things in my life; I started to share these handmade cards with others when they were in time of need.

All these experiences inspired me to create the Soulebrate greeting card company in 2004, where I’ve been since selling heartfelt cards in hundreds of stores worldwide.

Things didn’t stop there, though. People began emailing me with gratitude for giving them a vehicle that allowed them to really feel their feelings and express them to others in the simplest and most genuine way. They were deepening their connection with themselves and others through these cards! This gave me more clarity around the gift of what I now call, The Sacred Formula: Feel, Express, Connect, and I soon started talking publically about emotional awareness and soul connection, all which lead to the writing of the book, Soul Courage, and the inspiration to empower others by reminding them who they are.

I realized that universally it is sometimes difficult to express our feelings, and often, when we can’t find the right words, we just say nothing at all. And at other times we may not even want to feel those feelings, so we burry them alive with one thing or another and stuff them deep inside.

I imagine the freedom we would have if we didn’t numb out or edit our feelings, but rather expressed them from the most real and vulnerable place in our heart. The place that everyone has and that everyone can identify with. The place that connects us all.

I hope to connect with you,


Can any of this enrich your life?

Yes. As you know, what we project, we attract, yet so often we’re unaware of what we are projecting, because we’re often unaware of what we are feeling first, before we project it. Consequently, we usually don’t attract what we had hoped for.

But when we take the time to identify our feelings and really feel into them, we are immediately more aligned with the flow of universal energy. This process also heightens our awareness around the personal energy we carry and that of others. Because of this awareness, we begin to engage with others at a higher vibration, consciously expressing our selves in a more open, free and loving way—and then, naturally, attracting the same back into our life.

Suddenly we have more clarity around who we are because we are actually demonstrating who we are through our allowance of feeling and expressing. This awakens a new found freedom that opens us to our true authentic selves like never before, which attracts more and deeper connection with others and overall goodness. We simply become more fulfilled because we are in harmony with life and able to receive the flow of life in return.

The power of Soul Courage is that when we live with brave awareness around consciously feeling, and openly expressing we are welcoming more connection into our life. And the mere act of intentionally being open to more, brings more forth.

Can this do anything for the world at large?

Yes! When we have the courage to truly connect with ourselves, others and life, it organically shifts us back into oneness with ourselves, others and life.

It’s an opportunity to start a new way of living for ourselves, and since all energy has a domino effect, it also open the hearts and lives for others…ultimately expanding our conscious evolution by shifting the way humanity relates to one another. When we begin to realize oneness at this level, we begin to live in true harmony.

With Soul Courage, we can embrace our feelings and express them with loving authenticity, enriching our life and the lives of others beautifully through deeper understanding and connection.

I love it–How can I start Being Soulcial right now?

So glad to hear that you’re on board! Here are a few snippets to get you started:

Snippet #1 – Self-Love & Compassion

Since who we are on the outside is often a reflection of how we feel on the inside, the journey of Soul Courage begins with our Self. Having a conscious & loving relationship with our Self first is key to feeling, expressing and connecting.

Try to keep awareness around actually feeling your feelings—even if it makes you uncomfortable in the moment. It’s important to feel whatever comes through without judgment or suppression, because that will allow an organic release of the feeling when you are done experiencing it. When you nurture yourself in this way by honoring and feeling all of your feelings, you are cleaning your energy channels by allowing your emotions to consistently flow in and out of your body in a healthy way. This intentional feeling aligns you with your Soul and the universal Soul; the Spirit Of Universal Love.

Snippet #2 –  Emotional &Energetic Check-In

Before you do or say something, take an extra 15 seconds to really feel, not just skim the surface and move forward on auto-pilot. Check in with your Self to make sure that you are in your heart space not your head space. Being conscious of our physical & emotional energy in this way allows us to become fully present and emotionally accessible, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone.

Think of your Heart as a Filter that your actions must pass through first. If you notice your mind bumping in and trying to interrupt with thoughts or judgments, hush them gently.

Snippet #3 – Giving & Receiving

A lot of us love to share, but find it challenging to really be present with others when they are talking. Then there are some of us who prefer to stay in our comfort zone and love to be there & listen to others, but find it difficult when it is time to share our own thoughts and experiences.

It takes courage to show up fully in life. A large part of awakening your Soul Courage is based around creating a natural flow of giving and receiving. It’s important to keep awareness around your level of engagement with yourself and others to make sure that it is not one-sided. The goal is to create balance—and the key to courageous activation is to start with the side that you are less comfortable with.

Snippet #4 – Celebrating Differences

Oddly enough, letting go of judgment and righteousness can sometimes feel scary. Maybe because we have been conditioned to protect ourselves, and feel attacked or abandoned in some way if disagreement is present.

When we can retrain ourselves out of this self-defeating habit, we remove the power that “difference” may have presented, and in doing that we discover a freedom so large that we begin to celebrate our differences.