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The current question is…
How can I use Soul Courage to find my purpose in life?

It may relieve some pressure to know that your soul’s original purpose in human life is to simply feel and express itself in physical form. If you’re looking for a guide to heighten and direct your experience of this feeling and expressing, you can do so more easily by changing the way that you approach your quest.

You can exchange overwhelm for inspiration by just changing your inner questioning from, “What is my life purpose?”  to “Where in life do I feel like ‘Me’ the most? What am I being? What am I doing?”

So rather than seeking to find your life purpose try switching your perspective by looking within and asking, “What does my Soul gravitate towards?” In this way, you aren’t searching aimlessly for your ‘life purpose,’ but rather feeling into who you really are and what it is that lifts your energetic vibration to a place of excitement and realization.

Then pause and feel for the answer. Keep an awareness around not defaulting to your mind for an answer that “makes sense,” or running to your heart to gauge its sensitivities. The answers to what you most gravitate towards (there will be more than one) are remembered best when we surrender to the depths of who we really are; when we Soulrender.

Our soul naturally gravitates towards things and people it’s familiar with from past experiences in another life or possibly a new challenge it’s ready to take on in this life, to expand its self-experience.

Looking at it from this angle, you already know your purpose, which, in itself, is totally empowering, because it suggests that your purpose isn’t something that you have to find (ahh, the ‘search’ is over).

Trusting the response of your Soul Courage like this is comparable to opening a door. It may be locked or jammed and take a couple of pulls to get open, and there’s no guarantee what’s behind it, but if the door’s always shut, you will never see the mirror on the other side and truly find out.

The courage is in opening the door and bravely stepping into an unknown space. But the more you open the door, the more it swings open and eventually stays wide open permanently, shining a bright new experience of your true self.

If you’re feeling frustrated after soulrending because you aren’t presented with an immediate answer, give yourself permission to just feel frustrated and express it in some way. Maybe journal or talk to yourself about it, affirming, “I’m so frustrated, but I’m ready to discover this part of myself, I’m ready to feel this!”

Set the intention to increase your awareness around things that just naturally pop in your thoughts during the day, and allow yourself to identify how you feel around them. Pause and reflect on those fleeting thoughts, “Hmm, well, I really do enjoy photography and love nature.” Step into any ideas that organically flow to you through this newly heightened awareness.

Give yourself the freedom to envision and visualize whatever it is that comes to you. Allowing yourself the open doorway to feel and express into any possibility is the entry way to everything.

The courage starts with opening the door within.

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