Making Change ‘Unscary’

OK, HUMOR ME for a moment: August NL Image Wings
If you were handed a pair of wings that would meld into your back and gift you with the instant ability to fly, where would you go? And how would going there change your current experience of life?

This little fantasy popped into my mind when I was thinking about the changes that await us in August. Whether we’re in the northern hemisphere approaching the end of summer, or the southern hemisphere approaching the end of winter, the month of August is a time that shifts us all out of one season and into another. What we’re doing behind the scenes, though, is altering our entire way of being from one stance to another.

“HOW IS IT,” I thought to myself “that come August, everyone manages to modify their energetic, emotional and physical being fairly effortlessly?”

The “fairly effortlessly” part is what gave me the idea of wings, and I allowed my thoughts to dream a little bit more; “It’s almost as if we have inner wings that glide us seamlessly through certain changes in life.”

THE THOUGHT OF INNER WINGS made me smile, because it’s such a perfect analogy for the freedom found in living with Soul Courage. And I began to wonder how we might experience life differently if we knew we had our own personal means of energetic and emotional transportation within us at all times. If we knew we had Soul Courage.

There are certain changes in life that we make and never question. The largest one being the change of seasons within ourselves; moving through life’s many passages from infancy to childhood to adulthood to elderhood.

I’m curious if we would question all of the changes we encounter if we simply viewed them as a natural progression in life. Do you imagine we would be more willing towards change if we knew we had it “handled?”

OUR LEVEL OF WILLINGNESS around everything is so relative to the impact and progression that we create. And willingness expands when we live with Soul Courage as our navigator to assist us through emotional, energetic and spiritual transitions. Your courage naturally and eternally resides in your soul and supports you, without question, through all of the seasons in your life.

It may be of great comfort to remember that change is presented to us, by us, as a natural part of our life experience so that we may stretch, shape, create and experience who we are. And that our Soul Courage, when ignited, becomes our inner wings; soaring with the freedom of trust, with willingness as the wind.


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