How Being Present Enriches Lives

I simply smiled and said, “After you” to the older man, as we simultaneously approached the cashier.

“Why would you say that?” he asked with surprise.

“Oh, I was just being polite.” I replied, somewhat startled by his question.

His face dropped from surprise into a deep and gentle place of appreciation. “I thought people stopped doing that 50 years ago. Everyone is in such a rush these days they don’t even see each other.”

Now my face dropped…and my eyes began to water. “Well, I see you.” I said with a chipper, affirming tone.

We both chuckled and made quick small talk around our purchases, then wished each other well.

As I left, I made a silent request to humanity: With all of the advanced technology and life’s vast changes and challenges, I pray that we never stop seeing each other and that we always make time for loving, respectful exchanges.

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