3 Ways to Cozy up to Vulnerability

We are our most authentic when we let our guard down and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Not vulnerable in the sense that we put ourselves in danger or let people walk all over us, those things would qualify more as being defenseless. I’m talking about the type of vulnerability where we reveal and share our True Selves, just as we did when we were young.

It take a lot of courage and awareness to let your guard down and drop into vulnerability like this, and it’s not always easy at first. Later I will share some ideas on how to move into vulnerability with others, but for now here are a few ways to help you warm up to your vulnerability in the safety of your own home before you hit the streets.

Sing in the shower

No whistling or humming; clear your throat and really belt out some inspiring lyrics as you suds up your hair (extra points for using the shampoo bottle as a microphone). If you feel any hesitation in your voice or resistance to sing full on, turn towards the streaming water and take a few breaths as it runs over your throat chakra.

Talk to yourself while looking in the mirror

Address your physical counterpart in the mirror as if it were another person and have a short conversation about something that is currently happening in your life. Take note of how surreal it may feel and if you find that you’re playing things up to cloak genuine expression, stop, smile and say I love you. Then return to the discussion you were having with yourself.

Read something that you’ve written, out-loud

Whether it’s an email, a poem or simply a list of To-Do’s that you’ve written, read it aloud and pay close attention to any vulnerability you may be feeling by bringing the written word to life. If you find yourself uncomfortable, start speaking outloud about your feelings of discomfort as if you were talking to a friend. Then when you find that you’ve comforted yourself, return to reading your written words.

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