How to Feel Gratitude on Purpose

AHHH, YES…GRATITUDE. We all know it’s vital to a healthy existence and, in fact, we love how it feels, but mostly it is something that seemingly “just happens.” A wave that comes over us and fills our heart with joy. No sense in waiting for that wave to wash over you, though, because there are many ways to intentionally feel gratitude.

For starters, just glance around the room and consciously take in the beauty around you. Notice that wherever you are, there is beauty. Whether you are simply starring at the grass or the sky, looking at your spouse, your children, your pet, your home, or even just looking down at your own hands and feet–this visual visit will ignite a recognition of the wonder of these things, and will fill your heart with gratitude.

IF YOU HEAR thoughts of lack “at work” in your mind, spouting off the list of all that you “need to be” and “must have” in order to experience happiness, try not to fall prey to the mind-chatter hypnosis by feeling dissatisfied about life in some way (money, relationship, body image, etc.).

Instead of being mentally paralyzed by the anguish of wishing things were different—or scrambling to change things and make them “better”—try to catch those thoughts as soon as they appear and blow them out as if they were a flame on a candle. Then bring yourself back to the truth you choose by consciously taking a look around the room again to see what is there.

This exercise will prove that your thoughts of lack are inaccurate by immediately giving them proof of the opposite. Voluntarily moving into the watcher will empower you, and as you review the treasures in your life, your trust that you will always be taken care will be affirmed.

GRATITUDE WILL ARISE in your heart and you will now feel that “everything is perfect exactly as it is.”  Notice that you have always had everything you’ve needed . . . .you’re being here right now is the proof.

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