How Being Present Enriches Lives

I simply smiled and said, “After you” to the older man, as we simultaneously approached the cashier. “Why would you say that?” he asked with surprise. “Oh, I was just being polite.” I replied, somewhat startled by his question. His face dropped from surprise into a deep and gentle place of appreciation. “I thought people…

Named one of the Top 10 Most
Inspiring Books for January 2016

  — Aspire Magazine
Soul Courage is about meeting your feelings with gentle grace, expressing 
them with absolute freedom, and connecting with total presence.

SoulCourage2Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

I’m so happy that you’ve found your way to Soul Courage. Not just this website, or even the book, but your way to the experience.

I’m excited to share with you something that I’ve learned as a result of a really significant personal event in my life. I put the whole story—with particular emphasis on how it can apply to you in your daily experience—in a short, but powerful book that I have titled, Soul Courage.

It was so gratifying to see that Aspire Magazine named Soul Courage in their ten most inspiring books recommended for January 2016. During this time when so many people feel isolated and emotionally and spiritually alone, I hope you will find it not only inspiring, but also energizing, motivating you to make this the year that you create and experience more connection to others, and to life itself, than you have ever felt before!

This could be your moment to break out and break through! All you may need is all that I found I needed: a bit of Soul Courage. I hope my book can help you find that.

Love to you,

Check it out!